"Meth is a demon that knows no restraint, only vicious greed. I can't go back, I just can't, cause I know I will die"


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 If you are struggling with addiction, this book is for you! This book…simply put, is AMAZING. It is also Alton’s testimony, and it is POWERFUL. This is Alton’s true life story. While reading this book…I laughed, I cried, I mourned, I rejoiced. It’s hardcore, it’s blunt, and it’s full of God’s grace, time after time. It shows how merciful God is and that no matter how big and bad we think we are, we are NOT bad enough to mess up God’s plan for our lives. What the devil intended for evil, God can turn into good.
This book is exactly what people need to hear. People who are in need of help from addiction don’t need the “sugar coated” version. They need to know that somebody has been through the fire and come out on the other side and SURVIVED. Not only survived, but THRIVED. People need to hear the real struggles that others have faced and that there is hope for them, also. This is the “real stuff”. They also need to see God’s mercy even though we fail Him time and time and time again. But they also need to know that He WILL draw the line at a certain point in time, just like Alton experienced in the book. I fully believe that God only gives so many chances. He doesn’t play games. Life and death are serious. Heaven and hell are REAL. The way Alton described hell was so accurate…and he has experienced it here on earth. Why would anyone want that for eternity? His never ending love for Devon showed throughout this book. I believe that is how God loves us, even through all of our stupidity, our mistakes, our faults and failures. No matter how bad we treat Him, He still loves us. Unconditionally.    


I absolutely could not put this book down!!!! The best book I have read in years possibly "EVER"!!!!! It is a book for any &everyone!!! The writer defiantly reveals his heart &soul &many other deep emotions most "good ole Georgia boys"would never begin to know how too..He takes you to his most cherished love to his deepest,darkest despair..It is truly a story of the rise &fall of the prodigal son...Being a recovering meth addict myself it totally fears the word "METHAMPHETAMINE AS IT SHOULD I'M THE DICTIONARY" !!!!ABSOLUTELY THE DEVILS VICE OR WEAPON AGAINST HUMANITY!!!! This is a book anyone strung on METHAMPHETAMINE or recovering from METHAMPHETAMINE abuse this is a must read!!!!! Alton hold back nothing but tells the reader exactly from what this dangerous,very powerful drug will do to the best of ppl that come from the best of homes...Meth does not discriminate!!!!! It affects folks from all walks of life..I myself was from an upper middle class home &my Daddy was a very well respected doctor..I just wanna take a minute to pay homage to the good Lord for cutting those chains the devil had myself and Alton locked to Meth &all its vices to for so many years..I praise this book for I truly believe anyone who dreads it will find the hope,courage&strength to start to change their life &pursue the plans God truly has for their lives..And again thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful book Alton...You are most definitely making a difference!!!! And I know God will give you everything &everyone you need to stay on this amazing,life changing journey... 

Kndle Customer 

 This is one if not the best books i have ever written.It is truly a story about the rise,fall &rise again prodigal son!!! I highly recommend it to anyone.Especially those who have suffered or had a loved one stuffer from this deadly,demonic drug...Alton truly bates his heart &soul again&again...Everyone should take this very serious when he tells you it is straight from the pits of "HELL"!!!! I myself was once a strung out meth junkie &while in a Christian based year long rehab" God gave me a vision of meth in hell"!!!! This book is absolutely every word "TRUE"!!!! A must read for those suffering from meth addiction&their loved ones trying to not give up hope...Again "BRAVO Alton Frye Jr.absolutely amazing work... 

 Amazing book. Alton pours his heart and soul into this book. And address a major problem in the United states Today, the meth epidemic. 

Edward Marcus 

 One of the best books I have read in a long time. I couldn’t put it down. Thank you Alton for hand delivering and signing the copy for me. 


A message from the Author, Alton Fry, Jr.

The Life of an addict in 90 seconds 

About the Author


Alton Fry, Jr.

 Alton Fry Jr. was born, raised, and still lives in Habersham County, which is nestled in the mountains of northeastern Georgia. At the age of 47, and finding himself in a Georgia Department of Corrections facility, he finally found the peace to write his first book, “Normal People’s Problems.” Fry is single and lives alone. 


From Joey Terrell, Sheriff, Habersham County GA

Alton bares his soul on paper in hopes of helping addicts and their families 


From Jeanette Loudermilk, Adminstrator, The Pittard Clinic

Service provider for GA Overdose Prevention Board.

As a nurse,counselor,and administrator of an addiction treatment  facility I  am very familiar with the life of addiction.  In  NORMAL PEOPLE'S PROBLEMS, Alton Fry brings the life of an addict out into the open, telling the story from the inside point of view. Alton  describes the fear and helplessness of an addict's life in chilling detail. This book gives a better understanding to the families of addicts but also gives hope to the addict themselves letting them know that all hope is not lost, there is a way out of the darkness. 

From Tammy Reed

 I had to share a review on this book, let me just say I had to read it all. Couldn't put it down. Alton Fry is honest about his addiction and his life, if you only read one book a year please choose this one. It is a love story for sure. You will cry a little and giggle a little but it is a true book that will go to the heart. 

From Nancy Chandler 

I met a wonderful young man, Alton Fry, his beautiful wife, Devon and the talented illustrator of his book today. I'm so very proud of the changes they have allowed God to make in their lives and so thankful for the ministry they are sharing.  I can't wait now to read his book, "Normal People's Problems"  I also look forward to being able to share it with people.  

From Pastor Tony Elrod, Northside Church , Gainesville, GA

It has been wonderful to watch how Alton turned the tragedy and hurt of his life into triumph.  I know his heart is to reach as many people as possible with the message that you do not have to make the same mistakes he made in life.  His simple and captivating way of writing will keep you entertained while being inspired.  You will be convinced; Normal People’s Problems aren’t so bad. 

From Kathy Nicholson, Morning Show Host for WCON Cornelia

Alton's memoir gives an inside look at the epidemic eroding the foundation of many families and his willingness to share the tragic details of his life of addiction provides a window to the reality of addiction, while providing hope to those still in the bondage of addiction.